An important tool for any actor or actress that wants to find work is a Demo Reel. What is a Demo Reel? It is a carefully selected and edited montage of an actor's work as a performer in film, TV, or other video productions. Ideally, all content on a demo reel is professionally produced, but for a beginner with little to no experience that is impossible. Luckily, in the last couple of years, casting pros have become more accepting of reels that aren’t professional, as long as the quality is acceptable. This means that student films, independent films, web series, and privately produced scenes are widely used on actors first demo reels. Whether you are an experienced actor with previous work or just starting out in the business, our video services are here to help you.


With today's technology, actors are often required to submit "self-taped" auditions rather than going and auditioning in person. As convenient as this may be, your audition can immediately be skipped over due to factors such as low-quality camera equipment, unclear audio or even just bad lighting. That is why we are now offering video audition services. Use our studio, equipment, and knowledge to really get the most out of your audition tape. This service includes a half hour of taping, critique and review using our high quality cameras, use of our studio space and use of a professional actor to read with you.

Cost is $50 per half hour and $20 each additional 15 minutes.


This service is for the experienced actor or actress who has footage already and needs it edited to feature THEM.

The going price is is $70 per clip, $150 for 3 clips and $45 for each additional clip after that.


This service if for actors and actresses who don't have any footage YET. Shot in our studio, this package includes one monologue of your choice, and one partnered scene using either one of our professional actors or a friend of your choosing. This package also includes pre-production consultation to make sure that the material you selected is truly right for you, the use of our high quality cameras, one camera angle, up to 1 hour of studio time, hair and makeup, full post-production and 1 round of revisions.


Cost is $449


This package includes everything the basic package does and more! Choose up to 3 clips total, either two monologue-style scenes and one partnered scene or one monologue-style scene and two partnered scenes. The advanced package truly gives you the opportunity to showcase your acting skills by allowing you to show the range of your abilities from clip to clip. Partnered scenes also show the casting director not only how you act when you're speaking, but how you act when you are listening and interacting with another person. This package also includes pre-production consultation to make sure that the material you selected is truly right for you, two camera angles using two high quality cameras, 1 1/2 hours of studio time, hair and makeup, full post production and 1 round of revisions.

Cost is $549 


As mentioned is the package descriptions, each package comes with a pre-production consultation, which includes going over the material that you selected or wrote. What we have noticed from these consultations is sometimes it's more difficult for talent to find the right material then they thought. This is due to factors such as the material can't be copyrighted, it has to be about 30 - 45 seconds long, or even talent is just having a hard time finding something that fits them. Don't feel like selecting or writing your own material? Don't worry! For an additional fee, our staff writers can write a script that fits your style and showcases your fullest potential!

Cost is $60 for the first scene and $50 each additional scene.

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