An important tool for any actor or actress that wants to find V.O. work is a Demo Reel. What is a Demo Reel? A voice over demo is a short audio clip that best showcases your voice acting capabilities. It is essential to record a voice over demo in order to attract prospective clients who are seeking the exact same vocal qualities that you have. An impressive voice over demo will lead casting directors to hire you for voice over projects and help launch your voice acting career. Almost every professional voice actor has a high-quality demo that shows off their strengths and works to establish their personal brand. That is why here at WBR, we offer nothing but the best to ensure our services are of the highest quality this area has to offer. Working with an experienced sound engineer, receiving proper direction from our industry professionals and using our full functioning sound studio, which includes a WhisperRoom sound booth, top notch recording software, high quality microphones, etc.; you will receive the V.O. demo you deserve.  Whether you are an experienced V.O. artist with previous work or just starting out in the business, our V.O. services are here to help you. 


With today's technology, talent is often required to submit "self-taped" auditions rather than going and auditioning in person. As convenient as this may be, your audition can immediately be skipped over due to factors such as low-quality audio equipment, unclear audio or even just bad form. That is why we are now offering audio audition services. Use our studio, equipment, and knowledge to really get the most out of your audition recording. This service includes a half hour of recording, critique and review using our high quality sound equipment, use of our studio space and use of a professional actor to read with you.

Cost is $50 per half hour ($45 with alumni discount) and $20 each additional 15 minutes.


This service is for the experienced actor or actress who has audio recordings already and needs it edited to feature THEM.

The going price is:

Commercial Demo:  $150 for 3 clips and $45 for each additional clip. (Alumni discount $140 for 3 clips and $40 for each additional clip)

Character Demo:      $250 for 3 clips and $75 for each additional clip. (Alumni discount $240 for 3 clips and $70 for each additional clip)

Commercial Demo Reel

In this type of demo, you will demonstrate a variety of different kinds of commercials. For example, conversational, hard-sell, nonchalant, promo, public service announcement, etc. Standard commercial demos usually consist of about 5-7 reads but we recommend 5 for beginners. Also, the standard length for a beginner V.O. artist is about 1 minute to 1 minute and 15 seconds long.


This type of Demo includes:

  • 5 pieces of demo length copy Recorded and Produced

  • Help with selecting a script

  • Guidance and Direction during recording

  • Production, Mixing and Editing

  • 1 Round of Mixing and Editing Revision


Cost is one flat rate of $495

Character Demo Reel

The animation industry is fiercely competitive and it can take a while for a voice actor to book their first gig. That is why a professionally produced demo reel is an absolute must for anyone trying to break into this niche industry. In this type of demo, we consider the broad range of entertainment where animated characters come into play: TV programs and animated films (both for children and adults), dubbed foreign language cartoons, video games, computer games, mobile apps, talking toys… and the list goes on. This is where you get personal with characters that you either created on your own or voice matched. The ideal length for a demo that features multiple spots is 60 to 90 seconds so that the listener has ample time to appreciate your voice and what you can pull off. Of course, the length does depend on how many voices you can do which is why we offer multiple packages.


3 pieces about 45 seconds = $450

4 pieces about 60 seconds = $595

5 pieces about 75 seconds = $750

6 pieces about 90 seconds = $895


This type of Demo includes:

  • 3 - 6 pieces of demo length copy Recorded & Produced (Depending on package)

  • Guidance and Direction during recording

  • Production, Mixing and Editing

  • 1 Round of Mixing and Editing Revision


With this package, you will need to provide your own copy. We do offer a script writing service where we write a script specifically tailored to your voice. This service costs $50 per piece of copy.